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Who we are

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Who we are? This is the hardest question...

We are... a guy and a girl in love with each other, that's for sure.

We're mad enough to think that this our goal is reachable... also because we support each other a lot.

Albi is a cleaver, tall and strong guy.

He will soon graduate in jurisprudence. He loves cycling, satire, reading and...Sele!

Sele is working full time and in the spare time she studies informatic engineering. She loves playing piano, classical music, doing geek stuff with the pc and of course... Albi!

We love cooking, going out with friends, cycling in the countryside and stay together.

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Una raccolta di idee verdi, ricette semplici, conoscenze contadine e del passato.. tutti gli ingredienti per accelerare insieme verso una decrescita consapevole. Le nostre ultime scoperte le trovate in homepage, tutto il resto è nel blog, suddiviso per categorie (cucina, faidate, agricoltura, riflessioni)!


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