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Some people dream of being rich, other of going into space... we want to live into nature.

Uomo Natura

Or maybe we should say we "wish" to live into nature. Because our goal is very far away, so much that it may seem unattainable, but with your support we can make it.

Our site's logo represents this: The image of the site tells you this: the white space is a vacuum in nature, and in our souls, which must be filled by our project.

A project of escape back to the land, to the origins.



This website is the first step of a long journey. We leave in 2 with the hope to find many fellow travelers, who will accompany us (even if just for a short distance) and in which we will be able to find confrontation and support...

OK! TIMEOUT! You're going too smoky. The beginning was promising: the image of the bucolic dream of re-appropriation of peasant roots, the importance of sharing a project and team work was ok, but where are you going with this??

Ok! You're right my dear ... whoeveryouare, we must go back down to earth. Literally.


This is the project: we want to buy a farmhouse in Piedmont (italy) with a large piece of land, restore it by ourselves, live, start to cultivate the soil naturally until we reach a reasonable autonomy that will allow us to open a b&b farm where we will host those who love nature.

To do this we need your help, am I more clear now?

Yes, of course.. Excuse me, I'm a little impulsive, sometimes ...

Don't worry, you were quite right.. we must be more concrete.

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Una raccolta di idee verdi, ricette semplici, conoscenze contadine e del passato.. tutti gli ingredienti per accelerare insieme verso una decrescita consapevole. Le nostre ultime scoperte le trovate in homepage, tutto il resto è nel blog, suddiviso per categorie (cucina, faidate, agricoltura, riflessioni)!


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